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Verified Book Reviews & Verified Product Reviews: the best way to promote your listing!


If you have written a book and want to work on the sequel as fast as possible without

losing time with the tedious affairs of the publishing industry, then you’ve come to the right place!



We live in a world completely dependent on the online medium. It is

what happens on the web that often tips the balance in your favor and

gets you & your work noticed or can create a long term damage from

which you will hardly ever recover.


 The internet is a rough place where you always need to stay ahead of

your competition….and be advised that if you are not up to date with

the industry practices, your competition will surely be. And that my

friend is where our service comes to your aid.


We know that no one can be an expert in every aspect of the publishing

business so that is why we’ve put together a network of independent reviewers

that specializes in professional book reviews.


Our goal is to let you do your magic, write as you have never written, create monsters and alien worlds,

romantic stories that sweep your senses, thrillers that make your heart race or horror stories to scare your

pants off. This is your skill and you need to focus on it.

Verifed Book Reviews and Verified Product Reviews are the answers to your marketing campaign!


No matter how many people you contact to promote your book or how many flyers you print and spread

around the block, you’ll never be able to reach enough audience to make a visible difference. Book reviews and

product reviews are the single most important factor you are being measured by. If you have plenty and most

of them are positive, then sales will follow!


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30 Days Money Back Guaranteed


We feel so strongly about our services that we guarantee them.

Here’s the deal: If you are not happy with the service received we will

provide you with a full refund. You only need to let us know within

30 days of receiving the service that you want a refund.

For more information please visit our Refund Policy Page.


Verified Book Reviews! Give your book the proper attention!